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Add 'feet on the street' to overcome patient access barriers 

Xcenda’s highly-trained contract personnel expand your reach while integrating seamlessly with your internal team. Bringing a breadth of experience to provider offices every day, our experts possess backgrounds ranging from practice administrators and account managers to certified coders and pharmacists. Our field support solutions are flexible, practical, and deliver incredible results that maximize the impact of your patient access programs from day one.

"The Field Reimbursement specialist was remarkably professional, informative, and engaging. Thanks to you, the practice is well prepared to overcome reimbursement issues that impact them every day."

Executive Representative, Hospital Products, Large Pharma 

Meet the experts

Rod Bryant, MS

Rod Bryant is the senior director of field operations management, helping promote appropriate reimbursement for novel therapies and assisting manufacturers in understanding the reimbursement environment. On behalf of clients, he serves as a speaker and facilitator on programs related to managed care contracting, physician practice operations, and healthcare financial management and reporting. He has more than two decades of experience in managed care contract negotiations and financial analysis. 
Rod Bryant
Case study

Launching a best-in-class reimbursement support program

A large biopharmaceutical company was preparing to launch a unique product that would be used by both primary care professionals and specialists. The manufacturer wanted to support strategic product messaging with appropriate reimbursement services that would overcome patient access barriers at launch. Access to care was especially a concern for the generalist audience, who had little experience understanding payer coverage policies for physician-administered drugs, buying and billing for products, and billing with a miscellaneous J-code. With reimbursement concerns looming, flexibility to adjust the level of support and educational activities was essential.
How we did it

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Working with healthcare offices across the country every day, our Field Reimbursement Managers use their knowledge of coverage, patient assistance, and health policy to educate office staff and break through complex reimbursement and access issues to ultimately help patients. If you have a passion for patients, come help us help them gain access to the therapies they need.  
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