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Access evidence for thousands of products—All from one site

Join the largest online community of your peers in reviewing products in both the pre- and post-launch stages for formulary placement decisions
professionals around computer monitor
professionals around computer monitor

Streamline the formulary decision making process

FormularyDecisions is a secure online platform that facilitates the exchange of information between payers and life sciences companies to provide healthcare decision makers with the evidence, resources, and tools to support the product evaluation process. With FormularyDecisions, you can quickly access the information you need on thousands of products all from one site.
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Acquire product information early

 Enhance the way you gather product data via a single, secure 24/7 platform. There are over 3,000 FDA-approved and pipeline products on the platform. Gain compliant access to the information you deem most critical when considering formulary decisions. In addition, there are over 1 million evidence links to leading scientific resources including FDA, CDC, NIH, JAMA, PubMed, and more – offering you a more efficient method to source information in support of your product needs.
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Evaluate competitive evidence 

With FormularyDecisions, you can quickly compare multiple products within a product class. Drug Class Reviews are available to evaluate indications, mechanisms of action, dosing, and adverse events for similar agents.
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Understand the US biosimilars market and laws governing every state

Gain centralized access to all pertinent biosimilar information in the US through the biosimilars hub. The hub provides FDA guidance on biosimilars, manufacturer resources, and serves as an exclusive repository for substitution laws for all 50 states.
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Connect with manufacturers

More than 500 manufacturers (pharma, biotech, medical device) are featured on the platform providing information that includes disease and therapeutic information, abstracts, posters, monographs, and pivotal clinical studies. eDossiers allow users to automatically access manufacturer product information once it becomes available and easily create customized product monographs.

Determine the cost effectiveness of products

FormularyDecisions is also the home to reports generated by the Institute for Clinical and Economic Review (ICER). ICER Reports assist decision makers in determining the cost effectiveness of products in specific disease states as compared to similar products.

White paper

Are US payers getting to grips with cost-effectiveness analysis?

Cost-effectiveness analysis (CEA) is widely used in many countries as part of the broader approach to the health technology assessment (HTA) decision process. It’s common in countries with a national or asocial health insurance system where there is a single payer making decisions for the larger population. In the US, with the multi-payer system, the process is more complex and interpretation expertise of CEAs may vary, making CEA utilization among payers limited.

Xcenda’s FormularyDecision team conducted a study to assess the current use of CEAs by US decision-makers, the challenges that they currently face in using CEAs, and the ways in which these could resolved.

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