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Global market access consulting

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Distinguish and deliver your brand’s total value proposition around the globe. 

When launching products outside the U.S., Xcenda provides deep understanding of the environment, competition, and considerations for market access across Europe and HTA countries. We evaluate how your product many be viewed by payers and assess what may be needed beyond your clinical trials. We can help you engage early with key decision-makers and provide timely advice on strategy and execution.  

Generate RWE for 18/20 pharma manufacturers

Drive 50% of all AMNOG submissions

Develop more than 15 Global Value Dossiers annually

> 700 RWE projects across 6 countries HEOR experts and ex-payers from 22 countries Created GVD development process shared among biopharma manufacturers
180+ SLRs/NMAs Market leaders in support submission process 530 HTA submissions in 13 countries
800+ models Market access support through GBA and evidence package Trusted experience in gaining alignment between global and local affiliates

Our robust consulting partnership extends your reach on the local level.

  • Global market access consulting
  • Local market access consulting
  • Global payer insights
  • Early HTA consultation & scientific advice
  • Flexible economic models
  • Epidemiology assessments
  • Global value dossiers
  • Pricing research
  • Retrospective (database) studies
  • Global HTA/Reimbursement assessment
  • Global advisory boards


Strategic partnerships for unlocking product potential

Launching a new pharmaceutical product is a complex endeavor, involving a web of interrelated activities from clinical trials through market maturity. How can manufacturers avoid common pitfalls on the journey toward product success? Strategic partnerships for unlocking product potential explores how manufacturers can benefit from integrated commercialization solutions.

Ensure payer insights are obtained during product development

A strong HTA consultation strategy helps ensure payer insights are obtained at key time intervals during product development. Engage with our team of experts early to receive scientific and typically non-binding advice regarding product development. Through our unique opportunity identification process, we help you focus on evidence-generation needs for reimbursement and access in preparation for HTA appraisal submission. By providing support to payer and HTA interactions, we help to improve the likelihood of reimbursement and access success for your product.

Value identification process

Develop your product's most effective value story

All value propositions are not created equal. In today’s world of increasing evidentiary demands, transforming the product PI into a presentation doesn’t make it a compelling story. Xcenda’s deep bench of clinicians, brand strategists, payer communicators, and creative experts use our proprietary Value Identification Process — a multi-step workflow informed through group discussion, clinical and market research, interactive workshops, key message development, and full visualization of a brand’s unique evidentiary and positioning assets. The result is a dynamic tool that showcases your concrete proof in support of value-based care.

Identify the evidence that reveals your value

Work with industry-recognized experts who apply scientific methodologies to conduct the full scope of health economics and outcomes research for effective strategic planning. We combine rigorous, technical expertise with an understanding of local markets and multiple disease states to deliver relevant, transparent, and credible results to help inform practical strategies and tactics that communicate a robust portfolio of value-based evidence.
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Global market access strategy

Access global solutions for local launch success

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Turn to Xcenda for a deeper understanding of the approval and decision-making processes related to coverage, reimbursement, and pricing in both established and emerging markets. Understand how HTA agencies make coverage decisions. From market research and HEOR strategy to medical communications and evidence generation, Xcenda helps global market access teams prepare a product value portfolio that local decision makers find most relevant.
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Global market access strategy case study

Carving a unique place among generics in a global marketplace

Learn how Xcenda helped a phase 2 specialty product successfully secure formulary positioning in a highly generic class in preparation for a multi-country launch.

Real-world evidence on a global level

With strategic global data partnerships in the US, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Canada, Japan, and China, we support our clients' global strategies along the entire product lifecycle.

Our databases are sourced from administrative claims, electronic medical records, or disease registries, and capture patient-level health information and outcomes for healthcare services performed in various care settings. Furthermore, our consultants have applied experience in designing customized prospective studies and primary data collections, including the initiation of specific cancer registries. With over 20 years of experience utilizing real-world data, we are well equipped to leverage these data sources and design tailored studies that measure and demonstrate product value in global markets.

Partnering with us allows our manufacturing partners to:
  • Define their market potential
  • Measure medication adherence/compliance and quality metrics
  • Assess resource utilization and cost of care from various perspectives
  • Maximize study sample size and power
  • Identify relevant clinical comparators clinical trials
  • Understand current gaps in care
  • Capture patient and provider perspective and the impact of settings of care on study measures and outcomes

Market research

Our comprehensive market research helps you quickly and efficiently gather information about target markets and customers. We offer full-service qualitative and quantitative research that provides key healthcare stakeholder insights to guide the development of product strategy and tactics. Let us uncover the insights you need and provide intelligence to transform those findings into actionable plans.
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Ask local experts from markets worldwide

Global market access network

Understand the nuances of key international markets through Xcenda's Global Market Access Network. This proprietary panel of advisors is composed of healthcare and payer experts who have the experience, insight, and relationships to help with formal documentation, evidentiary demands, and all aspects of the complex submission processes in more than 22 countries around the world.
Digital health mobile

HTA Quarterly | Summer 2020

The era of mHealth: A global perspective

Digital health mobile
Technology has the potential to make healthcare delivery more effective, efficient, and patient-centric through improved access to an abundance of data. As digital health technology (DHT) innovations become increasing inseparable from healthcare, a paradigm shift is imminent.
Digital health mobile

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