Global Market Intelligence

Peer into the minds of healthcare stakeholders and transform insights into actions.  

Xcenda Global Market Intelligence offers full-service marketing research that provides key healthcare stakeholder insights to guide the development of product strategy and tactics. We reveal critical insights and address key questions. Let us uncover the insights you need and provide intelligence to transform those findings into actionable plans.  
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Market Access Insights

Gain feedback and strategic insights from market access experts related to product value proposition and obtain a better understanding of drivers and barriers to market access and reimbursement. Xcenda obtains primary insights from multiple sources, including our proprietary Managed Care Network and Global Market Access Network. We also conduct payer and HTA surveillance to assess and monitor coverage and reimbursement policies.
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Understand provider perspectives 

Turn to Xcenda to understand the perspectives of health care providers. Our experts use a variety of customized primary research methodologies, including standard and proprietary approaches, revealing the “how and why” behind prescriber behavior. Some examples of our proprietary approaches to primary market research with healthcare providers include:

Understand patient perspectives

Ultimately, it’s all about the patient. Partner with Xcenda to gather input from these critical stakeholders to understand the patient journey and identify critical factors impacting the patient experience. We’ll uncover credible insights through qualitative and quantitative research, and recommend practical strategies to overcome potential access and adherence barriers.

Understand the health care landscape

Given rapidly evolving healthcare environments in the U.S. and global markets, work with Xcenda's experts to gain insights from other key stakeholders including clinical and policy experts.
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