Health Economics and Outcomes Research

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Identify the evidence that reveals your value

Work with industry-recognized experts who apply scientific methodologies to conduct the full scope of health economics and outcomes research for effective strategic planning. We combine rigorous, technical expertise with an understanding of local markets and multiple disease states to deliver relevant, transparent, and credible results to help inform practical strategies and tactics that communicate a robust portfolio of value-based evidence.  
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Comparative effectiveness research

Generate the evidence that payers demand 

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When the gold standard of head-to-head clinical trial data is limited or unavailable, manufacturers turn to Xcenda for evidence synthesis through systematic review and meta-analysis. Applying more than two decades of experience in conducting literature reviews, developing dossiers, and performing complex statistical analyses in numerous therapeutic areas, we provide turnkey support that includes initial literature evaluations, meta-analysis, and publication in scientific, peer-reviewed journals. Leverage our expertise in economic modeling and database studies in addition to value propositions to demonstrate the real-world application of results for your products.
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Strategic staffing solutions


Flexible staffing to meet your most critical priorities

Our customized contract arrangements support:

  • Unexpected new projects

  • Short-term internal staffing gaps

  • Full-time or long-term hiring freezes

  • Field-based product value presentations to payers

Scale to balance quality and cost

Value assessment frameworks consulting

Understand how ICER and other value assessment frameworks may impact your product portfolio

Scale to balance quality and cost

Xcenda has demonstrated value assessment expertise and consulting since 2015. Let's talk about how the current value framework landscape can impact your launch.

Scale to balance quality and cost

Economic modeling

Design credible, transparent, user-friendly models that payers trust 

Identify patient trends. Simplify complex disease states and methodologies, including Markov models. And communicate value via our deep knowledge of Section 114 through a wide array of visually impactful, easy-to-use tools. Using enhanced graphics, navigation, and macros, showcase multiple data endpoints including cost-effectiveness, budget impact, or burden of disease. Our flexible training solutions also ensure your account executives are well-versed in tool comprehension for optimized customer installation and guidance.  


Economic Models Developed


Therapeutic Areas of Expertise

Formulary Dossiers

As the leader in AMCP Format formulary dossier development, we apply a keen understanding of the reimbursement and formulary decision-making process, including knowledge of key influencers, primary drivers, and dossier utilization to clearly convey your most complex data. Our team of highly respected and experienced medical strategists possess advanced clinical backgrounds, training in effective scientific communication, and strong familiarity with other US-based formulary templates, including the WellPoint Outcomes-Based Formulary guidelines and the Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP) evidence submission protocol.

Global Value Dossiers

We possess a deep knowledge of the access and reimbursement decision-making process across major global markets and understand the critical drivers and influencers that vary from country to country. With Xcenda, you will build a global value dossier that tells your product or technology’s story in a clear and compelling way that will support local markets in preparing their own submissions. Trust in Xcenda’s 25+ year history of creating the industry’s most respected dossiers for key decision-making bodies.

Scientific Publications

Benefit from our 25+ year history, an unparalleled level of scientific expertise, and the ground-up creation of hundreds of evidence dossiers, economic models, peer-reviewed posters and publications for hundreds of products and technologies. With well over 50 published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and more than 700 poster presentations and symposia at national conferences, turn to the experts in publication planning and execution.

Evidence synthesis and meta-analyses

Understand evidence, identify gaps, and synthesize findings to demonstrate the value of your technology.

When you need to bring clarity to an unclear treatment landscape, identify gaps in evidence generation or knowledge in the public domain, or provide the rigorous evidentiary support necessary for health technology assessments or publications, rely on Xcenda.  From a timely review of a single topic or question, to a methodologically rigorous systematic review for formal submissions, we flex our services to meet your needs with evaluation of both published and gray literature. We stay current on tools and methodologies that can help you take a step further, and conduct feasibility assessments, statistical recommendations, and quantitative analyses.
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“With the increased focus on evidence-based medicine, my team plays a crucial role in identifying high-quality scientific evidence to inform healthcare decision-making.”

- Kimberly Ruiz

Global market access strategy

Access global solutions for local launch success

Turn to Xcenda for a deeper understanding of the approval and decision-making processes related to coverage, reimbursement, and pricing in both established and emerging markets. Understand how HTA agencies make coverage decisions. From market research and HEOR strategy to medical communications and evidence generation, Xcenda helps global market access teams prepare a product value portfolio that local decision makers find most relevant.
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Global market access strategy case study

Carving a unique place among generics in a global marketplace

Learn how Xcenda helped a phase 2 specialty product successfully secure formulary positioning in a highly generic class in preparation for a multi-country launch. 
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Outcomes analyzers

Prove effectiveness and value in real-world populations

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Outcomes Analyzers are tools designed to capture and analyze an array of inputs — from pharmacy, medical, and EMR claims to patient satisfaction and laboratory results. Through this platform, real-world data stories can be revealed, whether through outcomes-based contracting, adherence program evaluation, treatment patterns and guidelines compliance, healthcare resource utilization and cost evaluations, risk assessment/identification in patient populations, quality metric evaluation and improvement, pre-post interventions, and predictive modeling based on retrospective claims.
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Quality improvement programs

Increase collaboration with payers and providers

In a marketplace that increasingly demands more comparative evidence of high-cost treatments, health outcomes and economic evaluations of a disease state can help differentiate products and drive market access. Our quality improvement programs range from traditional partnerships — including educational programs and interventions — to outcome performance measurement that provides value to manufacturers, payers, providers, and patients by increasing access to care.
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Training and learning solutions

HEOR Fundamental Education Series

In today’s increasingly complex world, proving and demonstrating a product’s inherent worth has become a component of every go-to-market strategy. 

Ensuring more members of an organization, including those outside of the Health Economics and Outcomes role, understand the quintessential part health economics and outcomes research (HEOR) plays is also proving to be of value. This is why Xcenda Learning Solutions has created 5 unique primers on HEOR.
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