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For 25 years, the creative, scientific minds of Xcenda have been delivering access “firsts”. We proudly launched the first reimbursement field team, developed the first outcomes analyzer, as well as the concept of the product value proposition—all by staying focused on being patient-first. 
This year as we celebrate our silver anniversary, we continue in our tradition of firsts with a series of new innovative digital solutions. From developing new methods of immersion training to offering new ways to analyze evidence and enhance messaging, we invite you to join us at the forefront of innovation.
Take a moment to look at some of our most recent market access inventions, and let’s talk about how Xcenda’s Value Experts can help you prove value and maximize patient access for your portfolio of products.

VIP 2.0 - Our Value Identification Process

Pinpoint, vet and pressure-test product value messaging more efficiently through our interactive Value Identification Process. Categorize feedback by attendees, capture, tag and organize by data point – and with our remote participation feature, include invaluable field perspectives to take part in the process. 
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Interactive Exposure Model

Project patient population’s needs more accurately. Peer into the coming year with sharper foresight. And interact with real-time data with greater ease through this tool created to give you valuable insights into patient support. 
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MetaMap Pro

Most will agree, systematic literature reviews (SLRs) are significant undertakings. But now the comprehensive data collected through an SLR, which may include critical efficacy and safety endpoints, healthcare resource utilization, health state utilities, or epidemiological data, can become even more meaningful as an enduring tool through Xcenda’s MetaMap Pro. A first-of-its-kind solution, MetaMap Pro offers global HEOR or market access professionals the ability to qualitatively evaluate the major trends and gaps within a body of literature, including gap identification, in real-time. Enhanced data visualization offers users the ability to see results graphically, over multiple user-defined filter selections, to quickly identify the most pertinent data for an individual user. In addition, the platform is adaptable, allowing the seamless incorporation of future evidentiary materials, creating an ongoing resource.
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Winner of the Brandon Hall Group Bronze Medal for "best advance in unique learning technology," PracticeLand™ is a breakthrough immersive individual and group learning platform designed to result in compliant and effective reimbursement and patient access initiatives. See why 97% of learners found PracticeLand to be a highly engaging way to learn – and why 96% are actively transferring learnings into the business setting.
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