Enhance the way you visualize data. Optimize your SLR ROI. Create a usable and actionable resource.

MetaMap Pro

You’ve just conducted a systematic literature review (SLR). You’ve scoured the world’s body of evidence. Poured through literally millions of articles. Aligned with every regulatory organization. Invested considerable time and finances to produce a report. And you’ve created a massive resource that may – or may not – get fully utilized due to its length, volume, and complexity.

With Xcenda’s MetaMap Pro, global HEOR and market access investments are enhanced with breakthrough thinking that offers manufacturers the ability to maximize a SLR – and ensure the report stays relevant and viable for evidence generation efforts.

Xcenda has created a secure, digital format for the data collected and extracted during a SLR, offering global teams a greater ability to identify trends by evaluating and comparing data in real-time, as well as enabling new studies to be added to the repository, creating an evergreen resource of trusted, comprehensive information. MetaMap Pro will enable global HEOR and market access to meet the needs of multiple internal stakeholders by offering a filterable search for market, comparator, and country.

MetaMap Pro allows users to:

  • See data graphically depicted for easier comprehension
  • Filter articles by multiple study characteristics and patient characteristics
  • Compare/contrast articles based on multiple criteria—for example, geography + age + double-blinded
  • View summaries of large groups of studies by comparator of choice
  • Cross-filter studies by comparator Export data into multiple formats and media
  • Facilitate the generation of internal HEOR evidence such as graphs, data tables, and identification of inputs for modeling or other needs
  • Efficiently add new studies to the collected report

Commission the creation of your own, ongoing database on the comparators and standards of care with the knowledge you’re making the most of your resources