Train Reimbursement Teams With Greater Relevancy, Compliance, and Dare We Say It, Fun.


With Xcenda’s innovative, digital learning environment, PracticeLand™ invites patient access and field reimbursement teams to literally enter the world of real-life scenarios to engage in problem solving and knowledge acquisition.

Designed to offer both single and multi-player, home-based and facilitator-led training, PracticeLand is an award-winning platform that has been proven to increase learner retention rates.

Training through PracticeLand allows users to

  • Walk through a provider practice to engage in a variety of challenges built around patient access and reimbursement fundamentals
  • Compliantly tackle complex reimbursement situations
  • Gain exposure to the roles and responsibilities of provider practice office staff
  • Evaluate and consider potential routes of action
  • Engage in team discussion and group learning through facilitation
  • Participate regardless of geographic location or time constraints

Discover why 97% of learners found PracticeLand to be a highly engaging way to learn – and why 96% are actively transferring learnings into the business setting.