Innovative Field Solutions

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Add 'Firsthand Insights' to Overcome Patient Access Barriers  

Xcenda’s highly-trained outsourced personnel expand your reach while integrating seamlessly with your internal teams. Bringing an unparalleled depth and breadth of experience to provider offices and facilities every day, our experts possess backgrounds ranging from practice administrators and account managers to certified coders and pharmacists. Our outsourced support solutions are flexible, practical, and deliver incredible results that maximize the impact of your patient access programs from day one.

Complement your teams with our experts:

Outsourced reimbursement and access specialists

Deliver reimbursement and access support professionally and compliantly to sites of care across the country so physicians and office staff understand how to overcome patient access barriers. Our associates remove barriers to patient access by educating provider offices on local and regional payer issues, prior authorization and appeal requirements, coding changes, appropriate claim submission, and correct utilization of patient assistance programs. 
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Provider educators

Partner with our policy and reimbursement experts to develop legally compliant education programs that distinguish your brand. Our provider presentations are supplemented with user-friendly access and reimbursement tools that help providers and staff translate reimbursement access requirements, federal and state policy, coding, coverage, and market trends into best practice procedures that improve efficiency. 
Market access professionals

"The Field Reimbursement specialist was remarkably professional, informative, and engaging. Thanks to you, the practice is well prepared to overcome reimbursement issues that impact them every day."

Executive Representative, Hospital Products, Large Pharma 
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Case study

An innovative field reimbursement program expands patient access

Learn how Xcenda designed and launched a best-in-class reimbursement support program.

Interested in being part of a world-class team? Join us!

Working with healthcare offices across the country every day, our Field Reimbursement Managers use their knowledge of coverage, patient assistance, and health policy to educate office staff and break through complex reimbursement and access issues to ultimately help patients. If you have a passion for patients, come help us help them gain access to the therapies they need.

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