Redefine your approach to product launch

From executing powerful product launches to implementing pull-through strategies along the product lifecycle, Xcenda’s market access experts translate evidence into campaigns that compel, inform, intrigue – and most importantly – drive results. From market-shaping and disease awareness efforts to conducting full POA meeting and training engagements, our unique collaboration between science, design, and client services generates innovative work that resonates with formulary decision makers. 
3 women having a discussion at strategy board

Strategic partnerships for unlocking product potential

3 women having a discussion at strategy board
Launching a new pharmaceutical product is a complex endeavor, involving a web of interrelated activities from clinical trials through market maturity. How can manufacturers avoid common pitfalls on the journey toward product success? Strategic partnerships for unlocking product potential explores how manufacturers can benefit from integrated commercialization solutions.
3 women having a discussion at strategy board

Xcenda’s Commercialization Strategy

In partnership with our parent organization AmerisourceBergen, we are the only comprehensive commercialization partner with proven solutions, diverse perspectives, and unmatched scale to make the most of scientific advances and change patient lives for the better. Let’s work together to envision new paths to healthier futures.
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The essential guide to drug commercialization

A manufacturer's handbook for selecting solutions and partners

Value Identification Process

Develop your product's most effective value story

All value propositions are not created equal. In today’s world of increasing evidentiary demands, transforming the product PI into a presentation doesn’t make it a compelling story. Xcenda’s deep bench of clinicians, brand strategists, payer communicators, and creative experts use our proprietary Value Identification Process — a multi-step workflow informed through group discussion, clinical and market research, interactive workshops, key message development, and full visualization of a brand’s unique evidentiary and positioning assets. The result is a dynamic tool that showcases your concrete proof in support of value-based care. 

Strategy, tools, and testing

Develop your plan. Test the components. Then execute flawlessly. 

Develop effective managed markets strategies. Design powerful creative tools. Train account managers to understand how payers think. These are just a few ways Xcenda helps clients identify, demonstrate, and communicate a product's clinical and economic value. Leverage the power of our advisory panels and gain insights into new or existing value propositions, barriers to reimbursement, threats from competitor products, and changing market dynamics. 

Let's talk about meeting your specific needs:

• Payer value diagnostic
• Quality improvement programs
• Outcomes analyzers
• Training, including curriculum for payer account managers
• Payer market research
• Contract staff for payer account managers
• Managed markets creative campaigns
• Payer segmentation and strategy
• Value decks
• Market assessments
• Formulary tools (digital and print)
• Channel strategy
• POA workshops and themes
• Reimbursement toolkits
• Case manager toolkits
• Strategic planning sessions (wargaming and advisory boards)

Creative services

Create your next breakthrough campaign

Science that enlightens. Creativity that excites. At Xcenda, it’s what we do every day. From logo design and brand identity to extensive, multi-component campaigns, our creative team is ready to help you tell your best story. While concepts below have been de-identified to respect privacy, our innovative approach still communicates the value of powerful brands and compelling work.

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Creative Gallery


Impactful reports  

Ensure reports are as visually appealing as they are educational and informative.  
Biosimilars trend report comp

Interactive booth design

Create a positive visitor experience at conferences through vivid booth visuals.
Booth setup

Effective training materials

Set your team up for success with engaging educational training tools. 
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Winning web design

Develop a desirable digital user experience with informational website content and exceptional design.  
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Respected reimbursement tools

Communicate your innovative measures to facilitate patient access through creative awareness campaigns.
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Powerful payer communications

Intrigue payers through persuasive data and strong visuals to tell your best value story.  
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Managed Markets Training

Develop the skills payers appreciate most 

Do your account managers truly understand how payers manage their business? Equip your team with new capabilities that help meet and exceed payer expectations. Our customized curricula  build the skills payers value most in account managers, and each training is tailored to address the market dynamics associated with your unique brand. 

Give your team the skills to:

• Effectively present a product's clinical, economic, and humanistic value proposition to payers 
• Lead productive one-on-one meetings with payer decision makers
• Attend CAC meetings, interact with state Medicaid directors, and negotiate managed care contracts 
• Monitor your formulary position vis-à-vis competitors in the contractual market basket
• Research communications from MACs, carriers, FIs, and the VA/DOD for policy updates
• Ensure seamless distribution through improved stakeholder relationships 
• Negotiate distribution contracts, manage rebates, and ensure sales tracking

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