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Accurately and clearly communicating complex data

From publication strategy to medical writing, we can help. Our team of highly respected and experienced medical strategists provide clinical expertise with an eye for details that matter to key decision-makers. As your strategic partner, we'll optimize your messaging for influencers and decision-makers and help you tell a compelling value story. 

Written by experts. Valued by decision-makers.

Formulary Dossiers

As the leader in AMCP Format formulary dossier development, we apply a keen understanding of the reimbursement and formulary decision-making process, including knowledge of key influencers, primary drivers, and dossier utilization metrics to clearly convey your most complex data.  Our team of highly respected and experienced team possess advanced clinical backgrounds, training in effective scientific communication, and strong familiarity with other US-based formulary templates, including the WellPoint Outcomes-Based Formulary guidelines and the Drug Effectiveness Review Project (DERP) evidence submission protocol.  

Global Value Dossiers

We possess a deep knowledge of the access and reimbursement decision-making processes across major global markets, and understand the critical drivers and influencers that vary from country to country. With Xcenda, you will build a global value dossier that that tells your product or technology’s story in a clear and compelling way that will support local markets in preparing their own submissions. Trust in Xcenda’s 25+ year history of creating the industry’s most respected dossiers for key decision making bodies.

Enhance the way you visualize data. Optimize your SLR ROI. Create a usable and actionable resource.

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Tame the “paper monster” of systematic literature reviews

MetaMap Pro

Transform your approach to systematic literature reviews with Xcenda’s new digital platform, MetaMap Pro. And benefit from a tool your HEOR teams will actually want to use.

See what we mean when we say MetaMap Pro helps you “tame the paper monster!” 

Communicate your value through credible publications.

Benefit from our 20+ year history, an unparalleled level of scientific expertise, and the ground-up creation of hundreds of evidence dossiers, economic models, peer-reviewed posters and publications for hundreds of products and technologies.  With well over 50 published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals and more than 700 poster presentations and symposia at national conferences, turn to the experts in publication planning and execution. View our featured publications.

Systematic Literature Review Evaluating Quality Assessment Tools

Sarah Cadarette, Luc Douyon, Padma Ranganathan, Nicholas Ballew, Jennifer Colby, Brett Maiese, Samantha Slaff, Erika Wissinger, Kimberly Ruiz

A comparison of health technology (HTA) requirements for systematic literature reviews (SLRs)

Evelyn Sarnes, Sarah Cadarette, Bethany Sawchyn, Kimberly Gittings, Werner Kulp, Eric Siu, Kimberly Ruiz, Erika Wissinger

Simeprevir with pegylated interferon alfa 2a plus ribavirin for treatment of hepatitis C virus genotype 1 in patients with HIV: a meta-analysis and historical comparison

Anne-Kathrin Claes, Werner Kulp
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Oncology expertise to support market access for life-saving therapies

Conquering the Oncology Marketspace

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We are experts in hematology and oncology, especially in value and access communications. Our team of clinical experts and board-certified oncology pharmacists have a deep understanding of the complexities of cancer care and the unique challenges facing novel therapies like CAR-T and cell and gene therapies.
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Since 2006, our experience speaks volumes:


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Meet the experts

Evelyn Sarnes, PharmD, MPH

Evelyn Sarnes
Dr. Sarnes leads the Medical Communications service line at Xcenda and leads a team of highly trained and experienced associates to help meet the needs of pharmaceutical and device companies.  She directs her associates in the development and strategic review of AMCP formulary dossiers, global value dossiers, medical information support, systematic literature reviews, and scientific publications and publication planning using a keen understanding of both the formulary decision-making process and the US payer market.
Evelyn Sarnes

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