Real-World Evidence

Prove how products work in the real world

Turn to Xcenda to generate robust real-world evidence that meets the rigorous demands of today’s payers. Our variety of prospective and retrospective database studies can be tailored to meet your needs. With access to more than 100 data sources and over 100,000 healthcare providers, our team knows the right questions to ask to develop an evidence portfolio that achieves your brand goals. 

Together, we can devise strategies that:

  • Demonstrate clinical effectiveness and safety
  • Provide understanding of real-world treatment patterns
  • Calculate treatment adherence
  • Characterize the burden of disease
  • Reveal healthcare resource utilization
  • Capture patient-reported outcomes and quality of site measures

Addressing an Evidentiary Gap with Real-World Prospective Studies

Upon receiving accelerated FDA approval for a revolutionary new orphan drug, our manufacturer client was left with information gaps that needed to be addressed in an effort to better understand the impact of their product in a real-world setting. Xcenda's prospective studies researchers developed a comprehensive study that encompassed strategies from concept to publication and resulted in the needed evidentiary data showing the drug's longer-term outcomes for patients. 
How we did it

Real-World Evidence on a Global Level

With strategic global data partnerships in the US, Germany, the UK, the Netherlands, France, Sweden, Canada, Japan, and China, we support our clients' global strategies along the entire product lifecycle.

Our databases are sourced from administrative claims, electronic medical records, or disease registries, and capture patient-level health information and outcomes for healthcare services performed in various care settings. Furthermore, our consultants have applied experience in designing customized prospective studies and primary data collections, including the initiation of specific cancer registries. With over 20 years of experience utilizing real-world data, we are well equipped to leverage these data sources and design tailored studies that measure and demonstrate product value in global markets.


Partnering with us allows our manufacturing partners to:
  • Define their market potential
  • Measure medication adherence/compliance and quality metrics
  • Assess resource utilization and cost of care from various perspectives
  • Maximize study sample size and power
  • Identify relevant clinical comparators clinical trials
  • Understand current gaps in care
  • Capture patient and provider perspective and the impact of settings of care on study measures and outcomes
Case study

Saving lives with data

A new oncology product with strong clinical trial results found itself dealing with a competitor claiming to offer similar benefits at a potentially lower price point. While the manufacturer had mounds of evidence demonstrating effectiveness under real-world conditions, they had challenges in aggregating across thousands of patient records. Xcenda health economists developed and executed an effective data collection and analysis strategy, enabling the manufacturer to defend product value, fend off competitors, and maximize patient access to the effective therapy.
How we did it

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