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Training and Learning Solutions

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Prepare customer-facing teams to execute your unique market access strategy

Whether preparing for product launch, bringing your team up to speed on a new therapeutic area, or helping providers’ offices understand the reimbursement landscape, Xcenda can help. We apply more than two decades of experience transforming scientific evidence and market intelligence to design, develop, and implement customized training programs to meet your needs.

Our experience in conceptualizing and delivering effective learning solutions for pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturers speaks volumes


Maximize Performance with an Evidence-Based Learning Strategy and Curriculum Design

Creating training and learning solution programs that help your team educate and communicate effectively can be a major undertaking. Xcenda simplifies the process by bringing the right subject matter experts together in a collaborative environment, resulting in a unique program that engages, educates, and excites your audience.

Xcenda employs a phased evidence-based adult learning methodology to analyze and design best-in-class training and learning solutions.

Training and learning solutions are tailored to fit the unique needs of each team so they exceed performance expectations by developing the knowledge, skills, and confidence to deliver effective messages. We partner with clients to reach these target audiences at various levels within their organization:

  • Field Reimbursement
  • Account Management
  • Medical Science Liaisons
  • Sales Leadership
  • Specialty Sales 
  • Health Economic Outcomes Research Field Teams

Xcenda strategically delivers solutions across multiple interactive platforms to reinforce core learning objectives and increase engagement.

Education Series   

Empowering, Effective, and Convenient

Xcenda has developed a unique series of eLearning courses designed for easy absorption and application in the field. Informed by Xcenda’s deep bench of subject matter experts, the Payer and Patient Challenges Education Series and the HEOR Fundamentals Education Series presents information to customer-facing stakeholders to help achieve results, prove value, and uphold brand imperatives.

Learn more about some of the topics featured in each of our education series below: 

The Payer and Patient Challenges Education Series

  • Commercial Payer Fundamentals
  • Overview of Biosimilars
  • Buy and Bill
  • Medicare and Medicaid

  • Specialty Pharmacy

  • Coding & Claims

The HEOR Fundamentals Education Series

  • Fundamentals of Health Economics and Outcomes Research (HEOR)
  • Patient-Reported Outcomes (PROs)
  • Economic Modeling
  • Observational Studies
  • Systematic Literature Reviews (SLR) and Network Meta-Analysis (NMA)

Case Study

See How Training Can Expand Patient Access

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A Comprehensive Field Reimbursement Training Program Expands Patient Access

Learn how Xcenda designed and implemented a best-in-class field reimbursement training program for a manufacturer's new oral oncolytic therapy. 
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eLearning Training Case

Buy and Bill

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How are you keeping up to date on the payer-related coverage and reimbursement issues related to the physician-administered product acquisition model? With the intricacies of this complex distribution and reimbursement system, it’s essential to understand both the product and financial flow. Xcenda’s new eLearning module – “Buy and Bill,” provides valuable insights you need to stay informed and educated.
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Innovative Learning Solutions for Today’s Challenges

Payer Value Proposition Certification Course

Go beyond building knowledge of your value proposition. Instill fluency and confidence in communicating your value messages to payers for peak performance. 


Percentage of health plans feel account managers routinely present a thoughtful value proposition for their products based on credible health economics and outcomes data. 

Closing the gap on these insights is essential for effective payer relationships and optimized product positioning, which is why Xcenda has created the Payer Value Proposition (PVP) Certification Course.

Using your approved PVP presentation, account managers practice planning and presenting value messages in a virtual or live simulated one-on-one payer interaction and have the opportunity to receive immediate and corrective feedback. PVP Certifications are designed to:
  • Increase quality of value message delivery
  • Ensure your PVP key value messages are delivered compliantly to payer customers
  • Optimize your investment in PVP development through increased utilization
  • Assess communications tactics with industry experts prior to engaging payer customers
Partner with the Value Experts to deliver greater value to your payer customers
Brandon Hall Award Logo

Xcenda is the 2018 Bronze recipient of the Brandon Hall Excellence Award for Best Advance in Unique Learning Technology category.

Brandon Hall Award Logo
Brandon Hall Award Logo

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If you’d like to maximize the effectiveness of your access and reimbursement customer-facing teams, partner with us to help execute your unique market access strategy.

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