Watch: FormularyDecisions for payers recorded demo

An introduction to FormularyDecisions: a central hub of evidence, information, and tools developed for an exclusive community of Health Care Decision Makers to support formulary placement decisions.

Meet FormularyDecisions for HCDM's and payers

FormularyDecisions is Xcenda's free, secure platform for the over health care decisions makers. Users include managed care organizations, pharmacy benefit managers, health systems, hospitals, and government payers and represent over 269 million covered lives. FormularyDecisions is the largest healthcare decision maker community in the U.S.

Features for HCDM's & payers include: 

  • Digitized eDossiers - easily access, review and compare  product information
  • Online ICER reports - FormularyDecisions is the exclusive home of digitized ICER reports 
  • Prep kits - jumpstart your review process with curated information on product overviews, clinical trials table, and references for FDA approved and pipeline products

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